Server Updates

EstCoastGamn8or posted 12 hours ago

Good Morning Renegade Craft,

    I am here to inform you of some changes that have been or will be happening to our minecraft community.

In-game changes:

    First I would like to happily congratulate and welcome our newest staff members DiamondSheep_ , FocusCobra, and Slim. Welcome to the staff team mates. Secondly I would also like to congratulate the following on their promotions to supermod. Fudgemaker123, ThrillingZombie, RodJammer, Koenigsegg_, and IAmTheUnderdog. We hope to have more promotions in the near future ;). Now I would like to announce a few new changes. I have readded the Bounty and Obsidian destroyer plugins. Obsidian can be blow up with 6-8 peices of TnT or 6-8 Creeper, Ghast, or Wither Explosions. If someones base if covered in water it can take up to 22 TnT explosions to destroy it. This weekend will mark the begining of Renegade Army's Raid Events season 2. We will be hosting a raid event at 3pm EST on Saturday, be there or be square (Because you wont be around) XD. Along with the raid events we will be testing a new form of player shops. These player shops along with the enchant shop will be availble as early as December 9th. The last thing that will be happening this weekend is the increase of the world border from 15,000 to 17,000. This will possibly be the last time the border will expand.

Forums Changes:

    Starting December 9th, we will begin our annual Holiday sale on all ranks.

Ranks Coal - Diamond will be on-sale for 50% off while ranks Bedrock - RC God will be on-sale for 33% off.

Teamspeak Changes:

   All teamspeak channels in the MC Premium section of teamspeak will be deleted this Saturday December 5th. Any channels purchased before Saturday November 28th will be refunded for 200 forum points (Private or Public) or 500 forum points. (Private with channel admin).


OscurusTheDark Go Rod, Go Ls_The_Pvper, and GO THRILL XDDDD!!!!!
OneShot1998 Congrats to those who deserved their promotions... Those who didn't, I encourage you to improve, and please don't disapp ...
☠ Deadlylive( ͡ ▀ ͜ʖ▀) ☠ congrats on staff promotions But teamspeak will be like closed ? or i have to buy channel again ?