EstCoastGamn8or @ RenegadeCraft
posted 13 hours ago

I present to you guys the moment you have all been waiting for. The minecraft Survival Server has been reset. All your passwords are the same as they were last world but there are a few changes you will also not recieve your money until May 31. The changes are as follows:

-Higher Enchants To Tools On Kits Diamond To RC God

-We Removed /fix in anticipation for more enchants

-Removed God Apples From The Kits To Allow It To Be Mor Challenging For Our PvPers

-Allowed TnT Explosions In Faction Land Where The Faction Is Offline

-The Enderdragon Will Now Be Respawned Every Week Once It Has Been Killed

-There Will Be More In Game Events Held As Often As Possible

-Disabled Giant Gold Farms

-World Border Will Start At 25k And Increase By 5k Every Other Week

With all that being said I would also like to annouce that supermods and higher have been awarded the priviIege to raid again.I would also like to thank everyone who voted and gave their input for the changes and everyone who helped make this reset possible.

Happy Raiding!! :D


EstCoastGamn8or @ RenegadeCraft
No they cannot do that thats would be abuse of power
SporeJet I hope theres a mcmmo cap? Or is there not yet one? It was highly wanted in the poll.
AsahiKojiro Supermod or above cannot force tp and raid right?