EstCoastGamn8or @ RenegadeCraft
posted Mar 16, 15

Hello guys its me again :D,

          So I have a few updates for you; First, From this point forward anybody caught who is using or appears to be using an AutoClicker will face punishment. Second, As you all know the RC God disguise Enderdragon was found to be op due to its similarity of the /pvp command we removed back in 1.6 so it was decided that it needed to go. In return we allowed our players the option to vote on the disguises that would take its place and you all voted for the Disguises Villager and Slime(this can be used via /d villager and /d slime). Third, As well as Enderdragon we recently removed the disguise enderman from RC Legend and at the time had forgot to replace it so we have taken the third most popular disguise(snowman) and added it to the Group RC Legend. The last change to disguises has been requested by multiple people this was a disguise for the Coal rank. After discussing it for several days we came up with the disguise Squid and allowed our players to vote and of course it was accepted so as promised Coal rank now has access to /d squid. If you have any questions please speak with any Minecraft admin and we will gladly assist you. Also would you all please take the time to follow our twitter page @ https://twitter.com/RenegadeCraftMC


Angel20 What happened to the server? I try to connect to it, but it won't connect. What can I do?
Clown99999 Some noobs thought it was too op. Use snowballs not so expensive
Ragsto Why did the enderdragon bother?? was it too big??